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Oregon Bar Owners Will Pay At Least $1.3M In Drunk-Driving Death

The former owners of a restaurant in Gresham, Oregon will pay $1.3 million after being accused of serving too much alcohol to a convicted drunk driver who killed two young women reports The judge could more than double that amount.

Although the Golden Star Restaurant is now under different ownership, the parents of the young women sued the former owners accusing them of knowingly over-serving the driver and then allowing her to drive.

The bar had a history of over-serving its patrons and had received several written warnings from the Gresham police, an Oregon Liquor Control Commission fine, and dozens of patron DUI arrests.

The two young women were celebrating the 21st birthday of one of the girls when their car was hit head on by the drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway. Neither girl had alcohol in their system.

Wrongful death is a death cause by the carelessness of misconduct of another person or organization – including failure to act to avert a death. The experienced Crouse Law Firm is dedicated to helping families of wrongful death victims. For a free legal consultation, call us today at 919-861-0500 or submit an online form.

Oregon Drunk Driving Wrongful Death

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General Motors Recalls Vehicles Due To Fire Danger

General Motors is recalling the 2010 Chevrolet Express GMC Savana built in
February and March because the alternator could cause a fire, reports U.S News and World Report.

GM is stopping the production and sale of these two vehicles until a solution can be found and the problem fixed. The recall affects about 5,000 vehicles of the 2500 and 3500 series heavy-duty models. Among all the recalls in the auto industry over recent months, this is one of only a few in which the auto maker stopped all sales of the product.

Three fires so far have been related to the alternator, with been no injuries or accidents reported. Owners of these models are asked to stop driving them, park them away fro buildings and other vehicles and to disconnect both battery cables.

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GM Vehicle Vehicle Recall

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$33M Award Against Walgreens Upheld In Woman’s Death

The Ledger of Lakeland, Florida reports an appeals court has upheld a lower court’s award of $33.3 million to a husband and three of his children in their wrongful death lawsuit against Walgreens. Their 46-year-old wife and mother died in 2007 after Walgreen’s pharmacy mistakenly gave her 10 times the prescribed dosage for a blood thinner to treat breast cancer.

Diagnosed in 2002 with breast cancer, she was given an 88 percent chance to recover with the proper treatment. Part of the treatment was a prescription for Warfarin. At Walgreens, an inexperienced pharmacy technician gave the woman 10 milligram tablets instead of the prescribed 1 milligram tablets.

After several weeks of taking the medication, the over dosage led to a brain hemorrhage and her being paralyzed, capable of communicating only by blinking her eyes. After a year of hospitalization, the woman was too weak to continue treatment for cancer. Her cancer spread and she died in 2007.

A “wrongful death” is a death caused by the carelessness (negligence) or misconduct of another person or organization. Crouse Law Firm has years of experience pursuing wrongful death claims. For a free legal consultation, call us today at 919-861-0500 or submit an online form.

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Medical Helicopter Crash Kills 3

Shortly after 6 a.m. this morning, a medical helicopter crashed in western Tennessee after dropping off a patient in Jackson. No other patients were on board.

The Eurocopter AS350, which crashed about 30 miles west of Jackson, was returning to Brownsville, Tennessee and is thought to have been operating under visual flight rules. The pilots were not in contact with air traffic controllers.

This is the first disaster for Hospital Wing, the company which operated the aircraft and identifies itself as the Memphis Medical Center’s air ambulance service.

Thunderstorms in the area had passed through before the crash.The NTSB and the FAA are investigating the helicopter crash.

Crouse Law Offices has the necessary experience and knowledge to handle your helicopter case, no matter what type of helicopter, what type of accident, where it occurred, and where or who the defendants are. Experience means knowing the equipment, how it works, how it fails, how it is operated, how all of this will be defended, and how to succeed—and how to win. Contact us today at 919-861-0500 or online for a free evaluation of your case.

Tennessee Medical Helicopter Crash

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$33M Awarded In Deadly Accident Due To Faulty Tires

Tire Review reports an Iowa jury has ruled against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. in a deadly rollover crash in 2007 and awarded seven passengers $33 million.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs alleged a manufacturing flaw in the tires caused the tread separation and the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan carrying the passengers rolled over, killing one passenger, paralyzing another, and injuring the other five.

Cooper denies the tires were at fault and is expected to appeal the verdict.

Crouse Law Firm has the technical and legal experience, both nationally and internationally, to sucessfully handle product liabiltiy cases. If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed due to a faulty product, contact us today online or call us at 1-919- 861-0500.

Car Crash Due To Faulty Tires

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Legislation Will Make Regional Flying Safer

The father of a victim of Continental Flight 3407 which crashed near Buffalo, N.Y. in February 2009, lauds legislation recently passed in Washington.

His 30-year-old daughter was a victim of the crash which killed 49 on board and one person on the ground and he has been instrumental in getting changes in the federal aviation regulations. The investigation of the crash uncovered the pilots were too inexperienced, especially in dealing with icing situations that was a factor in the crash.

Now all that’s left is for the Senate and the House to compromise on their versions of the bill. The House wants 1,500 hours of training for the pilots and co-pilots for regional airlines and the Senate is asking for only 800 hours. The required hours at this time is only 250.

The changes will take three years to become effective.

Crouse Law Offices has the necessary experience and knowledge to handle your airline safety concerns. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an airline accident , please call us at 919-861-0500 or contact us by using our online form.

Continental Airlines Crash

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Dad Sues Wheelchair Company In Son’s Death

The Boston Herald reports the father of a quadriplegic has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tennessee based National Seating & Mobility in his son’s death. The father stated the lawsuit is about fair treatment for the disabled.

In December 2007, two technicians from the Tennessee company were in the young man’s home conducting routine repairs on his wheelchair. The technicians neither removed the man from his chair nor did they disconnect the battery while doing the repairs. As the repairmen were working on the electrical wiring, the wheelchair “jumped” pinning the man under the table, injuring his legs and causing him to have uncontrollable seizures.

The 29-year-old man was taken to the hospital by the rescue squad where he died the next day from his injuries. He had been a quadriplegic since a car crash at the age of 17.

The father said any settlement would go to the JPT Foundation, a non-profit foundation he set up in his son’s honor to help people with disabilities.

Crouse Law Firm has vast experience defective and faulty products at home or in the work place, and general negligence – where someone is injured because someone else was not careful. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to the negligence of another, please call us at 919-861-0500 or contact us by using our online form.

Wheelchair Negligence

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Chicago Begins Full Body Scans

Although most of the traveling public isn’t yet accepting of the X-ray device which peeks underneath clothing seeking out metallic weapons, powder or plastic explosives among other things that are hazardous to our flying safety. It is going to be part of our traveling future.

Travelers searched in this manner, may appreciate a little additional information. First one is asked to talk everything out of pockets, remove shoes, belt, watch, and jewelry and to place these items in a bin. Then one enters the scanner and asked to stand on specific feet markings on the floor with arms raised.

The TSA officer reviewing your x-ray is in an inclosed “Resolution Room” away from where you are. This person is not allowed a cell phone or any other device capable of taking a picture of your image and never sees the person who belongs to the image. The agent is enclosed in room with frosted glass and is not allowed to leave that room for any reason until all persons who were scanned have left the checkpoint area.

If clear, the agent radios to the TSA agents at the screening lane with the passenger and the boarding process can continue. Once the image has been cleared, it disappears forever, making it impossible to store or email it. If something suspicious is found, the passenger is taken to another area where par-downs and scans by hand-held metal detectors are conduced. If this was inconclusive, then a more invasive search would take place in yet another room.

It is true the scans do display body parts and love handles, but a “privacy filter” is always used to blur certain details without compromising the screening. It is not like a photograph.
150 of these scanners have been purchased using federal stimulus funds and 11 airports have been chosen to receive these first scanners. Another 300 are planned to be purchased this year with the goal of having 900 body scanners at U.S. airports by 2014.

Total Body Scanners

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Plane Crashes On Beach – Kills Jogger

The pilot of a small plane was in trouble and tried to make it to the airport. Then his propeller fell off and made the single engine plane more like a glider as it fell noiselessly from the sky.

Robert Jones, 38 and a father of two, was running on the beach listening to his IPod when the plane struck him from behind, killing him.

The two people inside the 370mph four-seat Experimental Lancair IVP were not injured. This plane can be built from a kit.

Crouse Law Offices has the necessary experience and knowledge to handle your airline safety concerns. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an airline accident , please call us at 919-861-0500 or contact us by using our online form.

Plane Crash Kills Jogger

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Florida Woman Awarded $1M For Faulty Handrail Injuries

A Fort Pierce jury awarded a woman more that $1 million dollars against her landlord who did not fix faulty handrails, reports Florida’s TCPalm.

The 32-year-old woman complained about the faulty handrails when she moved into her apartment and was told they would be fixed. The landlord continued to receive numerous complaints from tenants and the property manager about the loose handrails.

In 2007, woman slipped on her apartment landing, grabbed the handrail, which gave way, causing her to fall down four steps. She injured her neck and back, has had three surgeries, and had medical bills totaling almost $200,000.

The jury award was for past, present and future medical bills and for lost wages.

General negligence often results in personal injury – when someone is injured due to another person’s negligence or carelessness. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, call Crouse Law Offices today for the experienced counsel you deserve. Contact us by phone at 919-861-0500 or contact us by using our online form.

Florida Personal Injury

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