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Newfoundland Helicopter Crash Lawsuit Setted

In March of 2009, seventeen people perished in a helicopter crash off the coast of Newfoundland. The Sikorsky S-92A helicopter was making an emergency return to St. John’s airport when it plunged into the ocean, killing all on board.

In June, a lawsuit was filed against Sikorsky, Keystone Helicopters and United Technologies Corp. alleging there were obvious safety concerns and a Transportation Safety Board reports the helicopter’s tail rotor gears had been damaged and may have caused the pilots to lost control of the aircraft.

In July, the sides entered into discussions to settled the case, but are not releasing details of the settlement.

Families of the victims said their goal was also to get answers as to the caused of the crash in an effort to prevent this from happening again.

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Settlement in Helicopter Crash

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United Airlines Airbus 319 Landing Gear Collapses at Newark

As the industry questions the cause of the landing gear malfunction at Newark Liberty International Airport, no injuries have been reported.

The passengers had go crouch down in their seats and prepare for a crash landing. The crew was able to bring the airliner to a safe belly landing and all 48 passengers and 5 crew members slid down emergency chutes to safety once the plane came to a stop.Some passengers report the landing was smoother that other landings they have experienced at Newark.

The trouble became apparent when Flight 634 from Chicago was on its descent to the Newark airport. The passengers were aware of trouble when the plane pulled up and started to circle the airport instead of landing. The pilot then announced there was a problem with the landing gear and they should brace themselves for a crash.

An investigation is underway.

United Airline Landing

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American Airlines Overshot Runway In Jamaica

According to Jamaica’s Civil Aviation Authority, the American Airlines Boeing 737 that crash-landed at the international airport in Kingston overshot the runway. The flight originated at Washington’s Regan National Airport and has stopped in Miami, Florida before traveling on to Jamaica.

The airliner was going about 300 kilometers (about 186 miles) per hour when its wheels touched the runway and then bounced as it tried to stop. The crash-landing caused the fuselage to crack open and the engines to detach from the aircraft on impact.

Several of the 154 passengers and crew were injured, but there were no fatalities in the incident.

American Airline Crash

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