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Mr. Crouse With Founder Janette Fennell

Earlier we posted an article describing the impressive talk founder Janette Fennell gave at a gathering in Florida.  You might recall that Janette is a powerful advocate for child safety in and around cars, and works diligently with congress and attorneys to see that everything that can be done is being done to prevent tragedies involving children being injured or killed by car “rollovers” and “frontovers,’ as well as leaving children in locked cars.  Please visit her website to learn all you can about how to avoid these senseless accidents.

Here is a picture of me with Janette and with Raleigh North Carolina lawyers Beth Leone Noble and Jennifer Seate.  Beth, Jennifer and I are determined to bring Janette’s message to the entirety of North Carolina—and maybe Janette herself—so look for future announcements on this important safety message.

By the way, we recently learned of Safe Kids North Carolina, the North Carolina Chapter of Safe Kids USA,  which addresses all areas of child safety.  We encourage you to visit all of these web sites and get the word out to your schools, civic organizations, neighbors, churches, and work places—anywhere the word might save a life.


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