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Chicago Begins Full Body Scans

Although most of the traveling public isn’t yet accepting of the X-ray device which peeks underneath clothing seeking out metallic weapons, powder or plastic explosives among other things that are hazardous to our flying safety. It is going to be part of our traveling future.

Travelers searched in this manner, may appreciate a little additional information. First one is asked to talk everything out of pockets, remove shoes, belt, watch, and jewelry and to place these items in a bin. Then one enters the scanner and asked to stand on specific feet markings on the floor with arms raised.

The TSA officer reviewing your x-ray is in an inclosed “Resolution Room” away from where you are. This person is not allowed a cell phone or any other device capable of taking a picture of your image and never sees the person who belongs to the image. The agent is enclosed in room with frosted glass and is not allowed to leave that room for any reason until all persons who were scanned have left the checkpoint area.

If clear, the agent radios to the TSA agents at the screening lane with the passenger and the boarding process can continue. Once the image has been cleared, it disappears forever, making it impossible to store or email it. If something suspicious is found, the passenger is taken to another area where par-downs and scans by hand-held metal detectors are conduced. If this was inconclusive, then a more invasive search would take place in yet another room.

It is true the scans do display body parts and love handles, but a “privacy filter” is always used to blur certain details without compromising the screening. It is not like a photograph.
150 of these scanners have been purchased using federal stimulus funds and 11 airports have been chosen to receive these first scanners. Another 300 are planned to be purchased this year with the goal of having 900 body scanners at U.S. airports by 2014.

Total Body Scanners

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