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Starbucks Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Tip Jar Scuffle

The family of a Missouri who man who fought a 19-year-old thief and died from his injuries has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the coffee giant.

Mr. Kreutz was ordering coffee at a Starbucks when a 19-year-old snatched the tip jar from the counter.  Mr. Kreutz followed the man outside, had a fight with him and was thrown to the ground.  As the 19-year-old sped off, he hit Mr. Kreutz with his car.  Mr. Kruetz later died from his injuries.

The lawsuit blames Starbucks for inviting criminal activity by leaving the tip jars so near the customers and alleges they “did not employ security to prevent the perpetration of such crimes.”  The younger man was not named in the lawsuit.

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