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Children with Brain Injuries Need Time,Tenderness and Rehabilitation

Although the thought of an inactive child concerns most of us, the fact of the matter is we need to guide our children into activities with smart safety measures unthought of in previous years.  One of the most serious children’s injuries is a brain injury. Many advances have been made in sports medicine, but the reality is our children can be and are effected permanently.

Injuries can range from a scrape to a concussion, which fortunately are taken much more seriously today. This is in part due to the fact that we know more about these injuries and have a greater understanding of how to treat them. Children engaged in any type activity, as well as adults, are at risk for the more severe accidents that seem more commonly reported today.  An Australian study done on TBI, or traumatic brain injury, “shows that many may actually end up with some lasting deficits.” From the Vitals article done by

These new data suggest that the majority of these kids will have long-term problems, says the study’s lead author Vicki Anderson, a researcher at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne. And while there was some ‘spontaneous’ recovery, those who had access to rehab did better. It appears that, after a protracted recovery period, these children gradually stabilize and begin to make some developmental gains, suggesting that even many years post-insult, intervention may be effective.

It is critical that parents note the so called “red flags” for more severe brain unjury or structural injuries such as a skull fracture or a subdural hematoma. This knowledge is fortunately bringing more people, adult and children, to the ER seeking treatment.

Excercise is a must for all and establishing good excercise habits is necessary for our childrens future health. Teaching the rules and technique of a sport is necessary and does in fact lead to playing safely, or rather safer than without instruction. But we should expect that those teaching understand that the future safety of our children is the real trophy. A trophy that will lead to a healthier nation, a nation that protects what is most dear to all of us – our children.





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