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Deadly Helicopter and Coast Guard Plane Collision in California

A US Coast Guard C-130 plane with seven people on board and a Marine Corps AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter with two people on board collided off the coast of San Diego on Thursday – all nine are feared dead. The Coast Guard plane had been searching for a missing person in a skiff and the helicopter had been on a training mission when the mid-air collision occurred.

The area in which the collision happened is owned by the US Navy and used for training. A nearby pilot reported a fireball in that area around 7:10 p.m. Weather conditions were reported to have been good. A large debris field from the plane has been found and the military ships and helicopters continue their search and rescue mission in the area.

This is the third crash for the Cobra helicopter this year. In May, two Marines were killed when their Super Cobra crashed in Southern California and earlier this week an AH-1 Cobra collided with a UH-1 helicopter in Afghanistan, killing four. In the California crash, it was determined a non secured transmission cover blew off and into the tail rotor.

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Marine Helicopter and Coast Guard Plane Mid-Air Collision

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