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Dad Sues Wheelchair Company In Son’s Death

The Boston Herald reports the father of a quadriplegic has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tennessee based National Seating & Mobility in his son’s death. The father stated the lawsuit is about fair treatment for the disabled.

In December 2007, two technicians from the Tennessee company were in the young man’s home conducting routine repairs on his wheelchair. The technicians neither removed the man from his chair nor did they disconnect the battery while doing the repairs. As the repairmen were working on the electrical wiring, the wheelchair “jumped” pinning the man under the table, injuring his legs and causing him to have uncontrollable seizures.

The 29-year-old man was taken to the hospital by the rescue squad where he died the next day from his injuries. He had been a quadriplegic since a car crash at the age of 17.

The father said any settlement would go to the JPT Foundation, a non-profit foundation he set up in his son’s honor to help people with disabilities.

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