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Another Abuse Of Our Youngest Travelers: Sky West/United Airlines Denied Mother Use Of Protective Car Seat

A California mother was almost in tears when she was given the ultimatum from Sky West flight attendant to take her baby out of the car seat and hold her during takeoff or get off the plane.  She feared for her child’s safety and claims her daughter’s safety rights were violated.

The 11-month-old is already a seasoned traveler with trips including the Caribbean and Hawaii and has always been safely buckled up in her FAA approved Graco car seat.  The FAA recommends children under 20 pounds – like this 11-month old girl – be in a rear facing car seat.  The flight attendant insisted the child should be facing forward.

In my article, Protecting Our Youngest Travelers on the Crouse Law Office sponsored Aviation Safety Blog–dedicated to safety in all areas of aviation–I point out the FAA’s website states the safest place for children during turbulence or an emergency is in a CRS (child restraint system) – NOT ON YOUR LAP.

The mother wants flight crews to have better training when it comes to kids and car seats, stating, “I think it’s each passenger’s right to be able to be safe regardless of their age.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Everybody needs to get together on this one to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  What’s stopping the Federal Aviation Administration, the airlines, and the seat manufacturers from making this situation right?  Why are we in this current mess, which only means frustration and possible tragedy?

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