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Landing Gear Noise Leads Lufthansa Captain To Request Further Safety Checks – Gets Different A380 Before Continuing With Flight

A captain’s concerns with strange landing gear noise on the Airbus 380 he was piloting led him to request further safety checks while the plane was waiting to take-off. This request forced the German airline to unload 400 passengers en route to Tokyo and although no problems were found with the landing gear, the plane was replaced before the flight proceeded.  

The Airbus 380 is the largest passenger plane in the world and also the cause of a growing concern since a Qantas A380 lost an engine recently and it was discovered there were oil leaks in several faulty engines made by Rolls-Royce.  Some of the engines have been returned to Rolls-Royce for replacement of the problem parts on planes already in service.  

Lufthansa will take delivery of its next A380 on November 16 and has scheduled it first passenger flight for November 19.  The Trent 970 model engines in Lufthansa’s A380 are newer than the Trent 972 engines in the planes flown by Qantas.

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