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Did GM Make A Defective Silverado?

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of a Perryton man in the Eastern District of Texas against General Motors for allegedly making a defective vehicle, reports the Southeast Texas Record. 

On June 24, the man was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado when another vehicle pulled out in front of him causing him to hit the rear of a tractor trailer and catch fire.  

The lawsuit accuses GM of manufacturing an unreasonably dangerous and defective vehicle because the vehicle failed to provide proper restraint, failed to prevent ejection from the seating area, failed to maintain survival space and for failing to control and distribute energy. 

The lawsuit further alleges the vehicle was defective because the safety systems failed to perform together like a safety chain and due to the lack of a fuel shut off switch and power shut off switch.

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John Deere Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family and estate of a young man killed when he was thrown from a John Deere Dozer and killed during heavy equipment operator school at Associated Training Services of Texas, reports the Southeast Texas Record. 

The lawsuit has been filed against Indiana Mills & Manufacturing Inc. and Deere & Co. The original complaint states the student traveled over a ridge of dirt and then on to a slope when he was thrown from the bulldozer to the ground.  The Dozer continued moving and ran over the young man, killing him. 

Indians Mills & Manufacturing is accused of negligence and strict liability over the design and function of its seatbelt and buckle. John Deere is accused of negligence and strict liability for using an unsafe seatbelt and for failing to use due care and caution in the design and manufacture of the Dozer. 

The family is asking for wrongful death damages, survival damages, compensatory damages, interest, and court costs.

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General Motors Recalls Vehicles Due To Fire Danger

General Motors is recalling the 2010 Chevrolet Express GMC Savana built in
February and March because the alternator could cause a fire, reports U.S News and World Report.

GM is stopping the production and sale of these two vehicles until a solution can be found and the problem fixed. The recall affects about 5,000 vehicles of the 2500 and 3500 series heavy-duty models. Among all the recalls in the auto industry over recent months, this is one of only a few in which the auto maker stopped all sales of the product.

Three fires so far have been related to the alternator, with been no injuries or accidents reported. Owners of these models are asked to stop driving them, park them away fro buildings and other vehicles and to disconnect both battery cables.

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GM Vehicle Vehicle Recall

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$8.5M Awarded in Ford Rollover Product Liability Case

The Gadsden (Alabama) Times reports an Etowah County Circuit Court jury has awarded $8.5 million to a woman injured in a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer rollover accident.

Two people were killed in the accident and two were injured, including Latoya Duckett. Ms. Duckett filed a product liability lawsuit against Ford Motor Company alleging the vehicle was unstable and rolled over too easily. As a result of the accident, Ms. Duckett’s right leg had to be amputated just below the knee, her left arm is paralyzed, and she suffered brain injury.

The case against Ford Motor Company in the deaths of the father and daughter killed in the accident was settled for an undisclosed amount several years ago.

No punitive damages were awarded, but the $8.5 million in compensatory damages was the largest in the county’s history.

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Ford SUV Rollover

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