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Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Tesla Motor Co. Plane Crash

The family of a Tesla Motors employee who died in a plane crash in East Palo Alto has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the pilot’s estate.

The parents of the 31-year-old Tesla electrical engineer died in February when the Cessna 310 in which he was a passenger hit high-tension power lines and a 60 foot transmission tower shortly after takeoff.  The plane’s owner/pilot and a senior manager at the electrical car manufacturer were also killed in the crash.

The lawsuit accuses the pilot of negligence for taking off in heavy fog.  Air traffic controllers warned the pilot twice that because of the heavy fog, taking off was “at his own risk.”  Shortly after takeoff, the pilot banked left instead of right as he had been instructed by the controllers.

NTSB has not released a final report concerning the plane crash.

Tesla Motors Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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