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Former Employees Sue International Paper Over Hearing Loss

Louisiana’s The Town Talk reports more than 150 former employees are suing the Pineville Mill of IP for $50,000 each for hearing loss suffered on the job.

The lawsuit alleges the workers were exposed to loud noises caused by permanent defects in the facility where they worked and that International Paper was negligent because the injuries were entirely preventable had proper safety procedures been practiced by the company.   The lawsuit also claims IP was aware of the danger of hearing loss but withheld the information from the employees.

The damages are sought for pain, suffering, and medical bills related to the hearing loss.

When a person is injured in his or her body, mind, or emotions and that injury is caused by the wrongful actions or negligence of another party, that person or company can be held responsible for the suffering and financial loss they have caused, including medical bills and loss of wages. 

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