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$2.255M To Be Paid By Officer And Bar In Deadly Car Crash

A police officer and the bar which served her will pay a total of $2.255 million for the wrongful death of four and the injuries to another man on March 21, reports St. Louis Today.

The lawsuit claimed the police officer had consumed a “high quantity” of alcohol at O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar and the employees at the bar knew she was intoxicated and did not stop her from driving or call her a cab. Despite her slurred speech and unsteady walk, the bar continued to serve her alcohol. After leaving the bar, the officer crashed into a Honda with five students from India.

The driver of the car hit by the police officer suffered head injury, fractured rib, liver trauma, lung contusion, and contusions to the skull. His four passengers were killed.

Wrongful death is a death cause by the carelessness of misconduct of another person or organization – including failure to act to avert a death. The experienced Crouse Law Firm is dedicated to helping families of wrongful death victims. For a free legal consultation, call us today at 919-861-0500 or submit an online form.

Drunken Police Officer To In Pay Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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