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U.S. Safety Officials Review Toyota Electronics

Toyota’s electronic throttle systems are cited in seven lawsuits as a possible cause of the sudden acceleration in Toyota’s vehicles, reports Bloomberg, causing the U.S. safety officials to examine this electronic system as well as that of other automakers.

Although Toyota has ruled out electronics as the culprit, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated one of the dynamics in question is whether electromagnetic interference from power lines could affect the computerized systems in today’s vehicles.

As of February 1, Toyota has begun shipping steel plates to U.S. dealers to fix the problem of the gas pedals sticking. The president of Toyota’s U.S. sales stated they know what the problem is and they have the fix.

As of November, 2009, one safety consultant reported more than 2,000 incidents involving the Toyota gas pedal resulting in 16 deaths and 243 injuries.

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Toyota Gas Pedal Accidents

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