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Safety Changes May Have Prevented Float Plane Crash

The Canadian Press reports Transport Canada was aware of the dangers for passengers on submerged float planes years before the deaths of six people in November.

Transport Canada chose to investigate further rather than heed the warnings of various reports and studies which made safety recommendations concerning life vests and quick-release doors.A 2008 internal government memo stated safety changes should be put on hold in “deference to other civil aviation priorities.”

A federal government safety review was launched in 2005 after several float plane accidents and completed in 2006. The subsequent report recommended life vests be worn and doors left unlocked during takeoff and landings and that cargo and luggage doesn’t interfere with people trying to get out of the plane.

Although it is not yet known if these changes would have saved the lives of those who perished in November, all bodies removed were still inside the plane and none were wearing life vests.

Float Plane Crash

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