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Wrongful Death Claim Filed As Result of DJ AM’s Plane Crash

People Magazine reports “DJ AM’s” mother has added a wrongful death claim to the lawsuit her son filed against LearJet prior to his death.

In her lawsuit, Andrea Gross claims the plane crash in September 2008 “ultimately caused Adam Goldstein’s death at a later date.” The co-pilot and three others were killed when their Learjet went down shortly after takeoff in South Carolina. Goldstein and a drummer with the band survived but suffered second and third degree burns.

Goldstein had filed a $20 million lawsuit against Learjet, the pilot’s estate and others prior to his death. Post-Traumatic Stress and survivor’s guilt from the plane crash is cited as the cause of his fatal relapse in August.

The family of the co-pilot has settled their wrongful death lawsuit and will receive $500,000.

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