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Mother Sues After Daughter Dies In Helicopter Crash

The mother of an Oklahoma woman who died last month in a helicopter crash has filed suit against the pilot’s estate, his parents, the helicopter manufacturer, the owner of the helicopter and five unknown men, reports the Tahlequah Daily Press.

The crash of the Robinson R-22 in mid-October killed her daughter and the 26-year-old pilot. The suit alleges the pilot negligently operated the aircraft which caused the injuries that led to her daughter’s death. The pilot’s parents are listed because they had control over the helicopter and allowed their son to fly the chopper, knowing he had “reckless flying habits.” Robinson Helicopter Co. is accused of negligent design of the R-22 which made it “defective and unreasonably dangerous.”

A judgment of $10,000 from each defendant is sought in the case.

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Helicopter Crash Lawsuit

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