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Dangers At Newark Airport

The unsafe landing procedures have been revealed at New Jersey’s Newark Airport because the air traffic controllers who cared more about passenger safety than their jobs.

The controllers knew that landing planes on intersecting runways at the same time risked lives and when the FAA ignored them, they turned to the news media for help. All they wanted the FAA to do was to help them do their job – to keep airplanes from colliding. Even after several close calls, the FAA tried to keep the controllers quiet, accused of caring more about capacity than safety.

The Department of Transportation Inspector General confirmed the landing on intersecting runways at Newark created “unnecessary flight hazards” and faults the FAA for being slow to respond. New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith states the slow response to prevent a catastrophe could have killed hundreds if not thousands. The Office of Special Counsel blasted the FAA for not going far enough an for allowing “a potential danger to the flying public to persist.”

The FAA plans to start up an automated system to help air traffic controllers separate plane on intersecting runways on December 14th.

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